Analyses of media publicity

Comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of media coverage.

What is the image you get through media? Is it more positive or negative? Do the topics differ in the tone and selection by each media and authors? What are the opportunities and risks? We offer complex media analysis including recommendations for further communication.

Publicity analysis content:

  • Development of tone and topical proportions of coverage in time
  • Assessment of the press releases and conferences success
  • Assessment of the impact of media and product campaigns
  • Comparision of media image with competitors
  • Continuous and quick feedback to your media relations
  • Supervision of external PR agencies
  • Expert report of the impact of crisis on the media image
  • Analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • A pitch of specific deficiencies in media coverage, proposals to tackle them

Key competitive advantage

The analysis is carried out primarily on the level of detail statements, not on the inaccurate level of whole reports. This level of detail prevents inaccurate sorting news on negative, neutral, positive, taking into account the sentiment degree in both positive and negative direction and also the amount of information presented – comprehensive news and a brief mention will not be reflected in the analysis equally. Analysis delivers this way significantly higher validity than any competitive products.

Media Tenor long-term international research led to a formulation of Ten Golden Rules. Manage your media coverage effectively in cooperation with our experts.

Video: 10 Golden Rules of a good quality media profile

Media publicity analysis use in brief examples

Media publicity analysis as a tool for a corporate image management

What is the media image of your business? By only reading the monitoring you can often get vague, incomplete and even distorted answer. Analysis of media publicity is a comprehensive tool with precise measurement of company media coverage strengths and weaknesses, compared to the media image of the competitors and also analysis of the salience of your communication activities.


Media publicity analysis as a tool for municipality reputation management

Cities, towns and regions are increasingly focused on knowing their outer image that can play a vital role in the localization of investments, decisons of tourists, residential attractiveness and wellbeing of citizens – voters. Media attribute the image of municipalities in regional, national and international level. City management is the key player that can help communicate strategic themes.