The standard of quality

Media Tenor – a team of analysts with expert knowledge of media science, PR and linguistic science.

Media content is a subject of precise assessment of human analysts-experts, rather than inaccurate robotic tools. Service given to each client is a unique project meeting the individual needs.

Content analysis is a systematic qualitative and quantitative summation of the content. Reports are not interpreted subjectively, but analysed in a controlled manner according to the robust methodology described by the codebook. Media Tenor codebook is updated on daily basis.

Media Tenor coding methodology was at its inception in the early nineties consulted with specialized institutes at universities in Dresden, Leipzig and Mainz, as well as with their partner organizations from all over the world. Institut ZUMA (Zentrum für Umfrage, Methoden und Analysen, Mannheim, today Gesis – Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften) called the standard of work, with which Media Tenor entered the industry, the future of the field of content analysis.