Intelligent Media Monitoring

Key information quickly and clearly: Media Tenor introduces an intelligent solution of media monitoring.

Media monitoring is the basic service of the daily operational work in media relations. Don‘t waste your time by reading hundreds of pages of common clippings with many irrelevant pieces and choose our efficient interface. Media Tenor Intelligent Monitoring is ready solution, just set your preference in the topical scope, frequency and delivery time.


In parallel to an efficient e-mail report an on-line interface is available. You can easily work further on your news in an intuitive and friendly environment.


You do not have to read the full text of articles. The content is often repeated. Annotations will inform you easily on essentials.


Sorting and ranking of the content „manually“ by analysts, not a machine. It eliminates irrelevant contributions in the final output.

Further benefits

  • Wast scope of tracked media
  • Article labeling for perfect clarity
  • Content annotations of the articles
  • Easy search for concrete articles
  • International media data in one environment

On-line application demo


Email output demo

monitoring-export1   monitoring-export2